Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crunchy Socks Update

Well, I've finished one of my crunchy socks. The photo is of when it was about 80% complete, but now it's done. I'm not sure when I'll get to the second since it is indeed not terribly comfortable, but now I can go forward with confidence with my primo sock yarns. The striping is fun - I especially like the bit of green under the heel and the subtle Tetris blocks that appeared in the wide color bands - but I really can only imagine myself wearing them while I'm cleaning the bathtub or running around outside through the sprinklers I don't have or something where a heavy-duty, scratchy, plasticy sock would come in handy (the yarn is Red Heart Strata in Splash). Definitely not a relaxing-in-front-of-the-fire sock, but yes, I can knit socks!

1 comment:

Jessica Stier said...

The sock looks great! Maybe you can hang it from your fireplace or something like that... I can't think of any good uses for one sock. It sure looks good though!!!