Saturday, January 5, 2008


So, to save $ and space, I have instituted a budget for my discretionary spending this year. Most of my "fun money" is spent on art & craft supplies, so each month I get an allowance. If I do small things to bring in pocket change (I am a stay-at-home mom), then I can add this to my allowance. So far, so good, but my January money is already blown!

Going along with this, I am going to specifically track my yarn purchases since I have quite enough for a while and it's really easy to track by skein. Until I can fit all of my stash in one storage bin, I am going to have a burn 2 skeins to buy 1 policy (kind of like China's one child policy :D). I'm not going to push stashbusting really heavily because, as I said in my last post, it's time for knitting to step away from the forefront for awhile, but I'm definitely going to do a "yarn diet".

So without further ado:

I finally got rid of the Comic Sans counter in exchange for this damask-like one. I tried to get a sakura background, but couldn't find it. And, yeah, I'm not doing very well with this resolution :P.

Also, one thing I spent my Christmas wad on was a Royal brand yarn ball winder, so once I get my oddments wound into pretty cakes, I'll post some pics of the stash.

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